What we do...

All of our services are designed to increase the independence, visibility, and community presence for our customers. We support people to grow personally and professionally through high-quality community inclusion and employment services. Our clients may receive one type of service or several depending on their individual goals.

Community Inclusion Program (DSA)

Our Community Inclusion Program centers around a variety of recreational, social, and special-interest activities. Participants enjoy activities in small groups (5-8 individuals) with staff support. They learn important skills including communication, problem-solving, transportation and community navigation.

Employment Pathways Program

Oregon Food Bank

Pixie Project

Ronald McDonald House

Meals on Wheels

Portland Parks and Rec Mini-World Cup

Gresham Historical Society

La Vida Veggie

St Matthew's Church

Store to Door


American Cancer Society

Bike Farm

Rosie's Room

Zenger Farms

Hoyt Arboretum

Children's Healing Art Project


Portland Parks & Rec

Impact NW

Forward Stride Stables

In the this program, participants work on employment skills through a variety of work experiences. They also work on individualized employment skills curriculum with their employment specialist. Customers are engaged in interviewing practice, company tours and info sessions, workplace etiquette education and direct work experience. We can also conduct pre-employment assessments through Discovery Pathways for those who would like to pursue employment in the near future. We've worked at several community sites, including:


Job Development and Coaching

We are Vocational Rehabilitation vendors. Our Job Developers and Employment Specialists help people find and keep individualized, competitively-paid jobs in the community. We've placed clients in jobs in a variety of industries.



Where are we?-- in the community! Below are our general program hours, but there is not someone in the office at all times.


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